Aviation Insurance

Armbro have been providing Aviation insurance services to private and commercial operators for the past 20 years.

Armbro has access to the most competitive insurance markets for both Fixed and Rotor Wing Aircraft including cover for premises, public liability and hangar keepers insurance.

Whether you own a helicopter, aircraft, hangar or operate a business within the Aviation industry, Armbro can tailor an insurance solution to meet your needs.

Please contact Bruce Mather or Ray Quirk on (03) 9572 0155 or for more information or to arrange a quotation click here and send us your enquiry.

Section 1 Proposer Details
Name of Proposer:
Contact Name:


Period of Insurance
Start Date:


Section 2 Aircraft Details
Make & Model
Registration Marks
Year Manufactured
When Purchased
Estimated Market Value
No. of Passenger Seats
Location of Aircraft (base)
Will it be Hangared? Yes No
Name of Operator


Section 3 Hours/Purpose of Use (Categories of estimated hours of use predicted for next 12 months)
Private Pleasure
Business Travel
Hire & Rental
Ab-Lnitio Instruction
Advanced Insutruction
Agricultural Work


Section 4 Pilot Information (For any specific Pilots to be named on the Policy)
Details & Experience Pilot 1 Pilot 2 Pilot 3
Pilot's Name
Type of Licence, Rating
Total Hours
Total Hours on type
Hours on type last 90 days
If pilots are not named, indicate preferred Open pilot Warranty:
Approx date aircraft was purchased
Other aircraft owned or previously owned
Financier to be noted
Current insurance company
Current Policy Renew Date
Any aviation accidents, incidents or cliams last 5 years? Yes No
If so, provide details:  


Section 5 Detils of Insurance Required
Hull Cover Required Amount Proposed for Insurance
  Flight / Taxiing / Ground, or, Ground Risks only


Liability This is normally quoted on a "Combined Single Limit" covering 3rd Party Legal Liability + Passenger Legal Liability Please advise if your requirments are different Amount of Liability required
Tick which options are to be quoted
  $1.0M $2.0M $3.0M $5.0M $10.0M
Is Charter "ACT" cover required? Yes No


Loss of Use  
Amount of cover per day (cover exclusion period first 14 days)
Period of cover 60 Days, or 90 days


Section 6 Payment Options
Annual Premium, In Advance
Instalments from Underwriters (if available), with payment spread:
  Monthly instalments via Insurance Premium Funding (external provider, approx. 0/D rates)


Section 7 Remarks and Items Of Supplementary Information Or Disclosure


Signature of Proposer
Email me a copy
of this enquiry: