Service with a Difference

When you talk to any of the team at Armbro, you will recognise the advantages of dealing with experienced insurance consultants. They pride themselves on their ability to see each situation from your point of view and design a workable solution accordingly. They will work with you to identify and evaluate your needs, both current and future and design a programme that will satisfy those needs in the most efficient and economical manner.

Should you require specialised cover or risk management, they will analyse the situation, define the appropriate cover for you and draft a policy wording to deliver it. If you ever have to make a claim on your policy, they will assist you in settling it to your satisfaction.

Seldom is a complete off-the-shelf solution as effective as a tailored programme developed with their extensive experience and range of services which can include:

  • Evaluation of both physical and liability risks;
  • Providing protection and security for both your business and its balance sheet;
  • Advice on risk management and minimisation of risk;
  • Advice on the meanings of terms and conditions of policies;
  • The design of specific wordings and conditions for your unique policies;
  • Marketing your insurance portfolio to the local and international markets to obtain the most competitive terms and conditions;
  • Workcover advice on classification, assistance with claims analysis, risk management and interstate workers compensation.