Workers Compensation

WorkCover is the name applied to Work Accident Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety, and other related Workers Compensation legislation in several states of Australia.

The requirements for employers to have Workers Compensation or WorkCover insurance varies from state to state, but in general every employer, be they an individual, a partnership or a corporation which commences to employ should at least apply for and maintain a current policy whilst they continue to employ.

Armbro knows that this can be a confusing and complicated area and we are proud to be associated with WorkComp Insurance Advisers Network Pty Ltd.

WorkComp is a group of independent registered insurance brokers who can provide advice on the following matters:

  • Choice of WorkCover insurers
  • Review of your classification and premium rate
  • Risk management and injury prevention
  • Claims management and advice

WorkComp acts for you, the employer, not the Insurers or Government authorities, to minimise your Workers Compensation costs and to assist you with any associated issues.

WorkComp offers free independent advice over the phone about any of the above matters. To access this service, you will need to appoint WorkComp as your Workers Compensation Broker. Please download this form, complete and fax to WorkComp on (03) 9347 7572.

WorkComp can also provide ongoing risk management training, guidance and advice, including on-site visits, at a fee to be negotiated. Contact WorkComp on ph: (03) 8346 8550 to arrange an obligation-free quote.